21 Gun Salute Concours d'Elegance


With our roots embedded in our heritage & culture; we entirely believe in the value-laden statement -Atithi Devo Bhavah- which simply means that we consider our guests as God. The host-Guest relationship in India is truly one of the most revered relationships.

The unique practice of giving utmost importance and preferential treatment to our guests will surely leave you mesmerized. Be a part of the rsvp royal luncheons and dinners along with the crème de la crème and a phenomenal culinary palette!


1. 5th Jan - United at Lunch at the Statue of Unity

2. 6th Jan, 7th and 8th Jan - Royal Luncheons and the Concours Club Lounge @ Lukshmi Vilas Palace


1. 6th Jan - The Royal Reception Dinner at the Golf course Poolside

2. 7th Jan - The Grand Royal Dinner at the Durbar Hall

3. 8th Jan - The Royal Gala Dinner at the Sunken Garden