Wolfgang Blaube

Wolfgang Blaube, a very famous German Motor Journalist and a crackerjack in vintage Automobile and motorization. Before becoming the expert of motor journalism, he worked at various retailers for sports cars, racing cars and classic cars in Hamburg, Munich, and Los Angeles, mainly as a buyer and also as a writer for various publishing houses. Co-author of European car books, his first assignments were as a member of Concours d’elegance jury&as contributor for several US car magazines such as Porsche magazine ‘Excellence’. He also published his first book ‘German Auto Icons’ together with famous Swiss automotive photographer Michel Zumbrunn
President of the “Automobilhistorische Gesellschaft”, the association of automobile historians of Germany; member of the automotive culture committee in the federal parliament of Germany. Wolfgang is known for working on 31 classic car magazines in 14 countries and for the historical departments of several automobile manufacturers such as BMW, commentator in classic car TV shows, publisher for specialist books about automotive history, and recognized expert for post-WW II automotive history of Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the USA. Along with being an automobile expert, he is also an avid author and a passionate photographer.

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