Italian cars, especially Maserati, particularly catch his attention.

Shin IchiEkko

Tokyo, Japan
Founder and chairman of MASERATI CLUB OF JAPAN-officially recognized organization by Maserati S.p.A Journalist, many serial articles on Japan and Korea magazines, Car and other lifestyle categories.
He has authored several books, “GiorgettoGiugiaro”, “Branding of the legend”, “Maserati Complete Guide” and is recognized by Maserati fans around the world. His long-term work with Italian car makers, importers, car magazines and Japanese car critics has been synergistic; leading to confident, deep knowledge and understanding of the high-performance car world and owners – current and potential.
At the mere age of 4, he recognized most of the cars by their exhaust note. He enjoyed reading (watching) car magazines at that time, and he studied Japanese complicated character from reading car magazines.
He later purchased Porsche 911, and met very good mechanic and frequently visited the service factory where the mechanic worked; the mechanic was also very famous restorer and Mr. Ekko was inspired by him and wanted to learn the art of restoring vintage cars.
Mr. Ekko officiates the Maserati Centennial Concoursd’elegance (Torino Italy), Tokyo International Motor Show, Tokyo Auto Sallon and the Registro Maserati international meeting.
His debut car was a VW GOLF –first generation. The brand history, especially the enthusiasm of marque’s founder, drives his passion for cars. Design novelty of a car is what attracts him the most. He is both a restorer and a collector and previously, when there were very few Maserati cars in Japan, he tried to look for and import most of Maserati models from A6 series to one-off models to Japan, and also introduced worthy parts suppliers to Japan.
Italian cars, especially Maserati particularly catch his attention. During DeTomaso management, he met many people concerning Maserati including Alessandro DeTomaso. This experience drove him crazy for Maserati.
Maserati Bora – an innovative car designed his favorite car designer, GiorgettoGiugiaro, is his personal favorite.

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