A chronic gearhead

Peter Larsen

Born in 1954, Peter Larsen has been a chronic gearhead all his life. Together with Ben Erickson, he is the author of Talbot-Lago Grand Sport: The Car from Paris and Jacques Saoutchik, Maître Carrossier. His forthcoming book is titled The Kellner Affair, and he is currently working on Joseph Figoni, Le Grand Couturier de la Carrosserie Automobile. Peter Larsen has a wide taste in cars, having owned a Bizzarrini, Facel-Vega, Duesenberg Model J and a number of Maseratis, including two Ghiblis and a 5000GT Allemano. However, his enduring fascination has been with French cars in general and Talbot-Lago in particular, including ownership of two T26 Grand Sports. Another great interest is coachwork and coach building. The great French carrossiers are an unending source of fascinating shapes to study. Peter Larsen has worked for many years in the entertainment industry. He is now involved in linguistic work and serves as a Pebble Beach class judge. He also judges at the Concoursd’elegance at Chantilly outside Paris and at SchlossDyck in Germany.
Peter Larsen lives in Copenhagen and Bangkok and has just completed the restoration of a 1971 Stutz split-window coupé by CarrozzeriaPadane in Modena. 25 were built and 14 exist and thus, this has been his most challenging project, as a restorer. His debut car was a 1973 Ford Capri 2.6 V6 GT that he bought when he was a student. His first Classic was an AC Cobra that he still owns.
Beauty, history and the times past that the cars -that have survived- can bring to life, drives his passion for cars. The sense of shape and artistry exhibited by the great coachbuilders it what he seeks in a vintage or classic car, although beautiful mechanicals and a technically interesting engine, equally fascinates him.
Rarity is always a turn-on for him, as he exclaims “It can be more interesting to study a rare Tatra model than “just” another 300SL:” so yes, rarity, technology, and design are what attracts him the most.
The beauty, uniqueness and bespoke hand-built quality of French coach-built cars and Talbot-Lago especially catch his attention. Hispano-Suiza, Talbot-Lago, Delahaye, Delage, Facel-Vega and Duesenberg are amongst his personal favorites.

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