An extraordinary Writer, Photographer & Broadcaster.

Mr. Matt Stone

Glendale, CA, USA
Matt Stone is an accomplished automotive author & photographer. He has served on the board of the Motor Press Guide and has authored and photographed 11 books, the latest being “My First Car,” a collection of stories from numerous car people. He is a past member of Speed televisions’ Barrett-Jackson broadcast team and has worked in numerous assignments at Peterson Publishing Co, including editorship of Motor Trend and Motor Trend Classic magazines.
Mario Andretti, one of the most accomplished racing drivers, is among the great heroes in his life, automotive, and otherwise. In his capacity as an automotive magazine editor, he wanted to do a story with Mr. Andretti, who owns a winery in the Napa Valley in California. So, Mr. Stone, gathered a Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, an Aston-Martin DB9 Volante, a BMW Z8, and a Ferrari 360 Spider, at his Andretti Estates Winery in Napa to meet up with him and drive the cars. The excitement and joy of riding in the passenger seat, next to this gifted champion at the wheel of a great car, was an unforgettable motoring experience for Matt Stone, as he snapped some photos of Andretti driving, thinking all the while “what a joy it is to watch a master working his craft.”
Another one of his great automotive memories involve driving the Cobra, “CSX2000” – the grandfather of the Daytona Cobra Coupes that won class victories at Le Mans, and the only American car to date to win the FIA’s GT world championship. A memorable drive on a hot summer day, in a historic car that represented the best ideas of his friend, Carroll Shelby, and his generous gesture in putting him at its hallowed steering wheel.

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