Cars have been a part of his whole life.

Marco Makaus

Marco Makaus is theowner of Makaus Communication and an Automotive and Classic Car Consultant. He is particularly experienced in the Strategy and Management of Super-Luxury and Luxury Brands: understanding the peculiarities of a Brand and planning its business in terms of positioning, product, communication and distribution, in order to match in the most efficient way its potential and the market’s expectations.
Having been very active in the Vintage and Classic Cars market for more than 30 years, he supports collectors or companies who want to research the history of their vintage and classic automobiles, or use this industry as a communication tool.
Cars have been a part of his whole life: from a child’s dream to his profession and hobby.He was hooked onto cars from a very early age and has enjoyed the career he dreamt about when he was a kid: working in the Sales and Marketing area for some great automotive companies (Chrysler/Jeep, Ferrari, BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce) and the most important classic car road race: the Mille Miglia.
His first car was a Volkswagen Golf GTi 1st Series, his first classic car was a Jaguar E Type Series One Roadster, which he still owns after 35 years.
Currently, he is a Judge at Salon Privé in England and at 21 Gun Salute Rally in India; additionally he is the organizer of “Villa d’Este Style” in Italy and on the Board of “Bernina Gran Turismo” in Switzerland. In the recent past, he also handled the organization of the Mille Miglia and has been an Honorary Judge at Pebble Beach.
It is that undefinable characterof a vintage or a classic car that attracts him the most; a mix of its mechanical, historical and aesthetic qualities, plus personal feelings that may bring a person back to a certain period in history.He considers the hands-on contribution that men put in the project –engineers or stylists, to be an important aspect of a car and prefers the driving qualities over rarity.
He doesn’t claim to be a ‘real collector’, as he has no set ‘theme’ in his garage. He had bought cars thinking about the way he would have used them. He is not a restorer himself but has paid for the studies of many a restorer’s sons!
The most challenging project for him has beenthe restoration of a 1911 Rolls-Royce that he bought from the granddaughter of the original owner, even after 12 years it is still not finished.
Pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentleys, particularly catch his attention, for they have a unique blend of unbeatable engineering, workmanship, and style – and because they bring a person back to a great period.Talking about the best of design & technology, he is tempted to Lancia.He likes cars with big engines and a lot of torque. Body wise, he liketourers, sporty roadsters orcabriolets most of all and four seater coupes.

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