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Claus Müller

Mr. Muller started into the classic car hobby as a professional, in the year1985. “Pioneering” work as an event organizer of swap meets, classic car fairs/Expos, classic car Rallies, Special Interest Tours, free lance author & photographer for several classic car magazines (print and online), author/photographer/publisher of books (travel, children), international classic car consultant – “World Automobilist”
He started driving on Motorcycles when 15 years old. Worked his way back from new bikes, via an older BMW café racer, to a 1959 Ducati 200 Elite, which started it all and Mr. Muller developed a personal connection to cars/racing
His first car was a VW Beetle 1302 which he inherited from his late Grandfather. His first classic car was a 1962 Opel Olympia Rekord P2, soon followed by a 1975 Chevrolet Camaro, a 1980 Corvette and then a 1954 Corvette. What he likes best today are American pre war cars from the 1920s/30s and some 1950s/60s sports/race cars.
He has been traveling the world for automotive events since more than 20 years. Hisfavorite events so far are the Retromobile/Paris and the Pebble Beach Concoursd’Elegance, but he especially likes “exotic” events which need traveling to foreign countries like a classic car rally in Iran or the Concours events in Doha, Dubai or – of course – the 21 Gun Salute in New Delhi/India.
The pioneering spirit which still lives in old cars, fascinates him. He strongly believes, driving old cars is also a way to celebrate traditions.
Again, the pioneering technology as well as design of wonderful cars such as, a Duesenberg Model J Murphy Roadster, which marks the top of automotive design in his opinion, lure him.
He has been promoting the classic car hobby and he tries to do his part in keeping the cars on the roads of the world. The early American open wheel race cars from the 1920’s that defines the best of design & technology, such as, Millers, particularly catches his attention.
He would particularly like to own a pre war Packard race car with inline 8 engine and open wheels.

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