His passion for cars grows with his thirst to know the history behind the birth of a car.

Adolfo Orsi

1988, he organized auctions in Italy in association with Finarte. In 1990, he established the company,Historica Selecta which advises Museums, manufacturers and collectors in the field and publishes the Classic Car Auction Yearbook, the reference publication in the field.
His family owned the Maserati Company from 1937 until 1968, so, in some way, his personal connection and passion with the cars started the first day he opened his eyes looking at the beautiful red racing cars!
His family opened the first manufacturer museum in the Motor Valley area, in 1965. When he was studying at the universityin the free time, he restored two important racing Maseratis for collectors.
He started to drive a Fiat 500 in a closed area, when he was 12. In the early Seventies, he also raced rallies’, one of them being the 1972 Montecarlo Rally.
A historian, lecturer, exhibition organizer, museum advisor, concours judge, auction specialist and restoration expert, Adolfo Orsihas judged in 94 Concoursd’Elegances, in 33 of them he has been CCJ and in 18 CJ (among them in 2007 the Ferrari 60th Anniversary in Maranello, in 2013 the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary in Bologna, in 2014 the Maserati 100th Anniversary in Modena). Since 20 years he has been ajudge in Pebble Beach, where he launched the FIVA Award in 1998 (for the best preserved car on the field). He is a charter member of CJAG (International Chief Judge Advisory Group) and a member of the jury of the Peninsula Best of the Best Award.
He owns a small collection of cars and enjoys collectingbooks, magazine, photos, which he can use for doing his research and the other automobilia in his studio.

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